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NHRC Monitors Serious Violations Against Qatari Students in Siege Countries

Doha, June 26 (QNA) - The National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) said that it had monitored several serious violations committed by educational institutions in the siege three countries, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain, especially the UAE, against Qatari students in education as a result of these countries severing diplomatic relations with the State of Qatar and the subsequent declaration of an illegal siege on the State.

In a statement today the Committee said that the arbitrary measures and decisions taken by those countries violate all human rights norms, principles and charters resulting in serious violations of a range of civil, economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to education.

The Committee pointed out that this unjust siege has affected the right of Qatari students to education and has deprived them of the exercise and enjoyment of this right, as stipulated in international human rights instruments.

It noted that these violations were shown in several ways, such as not allowing Qatari students to complete exams at the end of the academic year, and refused to give them certificates of graduation and the closure of their educational accounts as well as the termination of their registration arbitrarily without giving reasons.

The National Human Rights Committee said that these violations led to presenting a series of related complaints to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The Committee called on universities and educational institutions in the three countries of the siege to put aside political differences and take into account the rights of Qatari students and do not put obstacles to their right to education.

The Committee said that it would address all relevant international organizations and other international accreditation institutions about the fact that the universities and educational institutions in the three countries are committing a flagrant violation of the right to education which is incompatible with the international norms and standards on which the universities and educational institutions are evaluated, for violating all the codes of ethics of the teaching profession.

The National Human Rights Committee expressed its confidence that all governmental bodies and institutions in the State of Qatar, led by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and Qatar University, will quickly find alternative solutions for these students and exempt them from certain conditions and restrictions in order to preserve their rights and future.(QNA)