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Qatar Calls on All Actors in Sudan to Uphold Supreme National Interest

Doha, April 11 (QNA) - The State of Qatar stressed that it has been following closely the popular movement and the developments in the sisterly Republic of the Sudan, driven by concern for the safety of the brotherly Sudanese people and the security and stability of the Sudan.

In a statement today, the State of Qatar called on all actors in Sudan to uphold the supreme national interest, to realize the aspirations of the brotherly Sudanese people and their just demands for freedom and justice, to avoid bloodshed of their sons and to adopt peaceful means and constructive dialogue as a way of managing the political process.

The State of Qatar expressed its confidence in the ability of the brotherly Sudanese people to overcome this pivotal stage in the history of their homeland to build a stable and prosperous Sudan in which future generations will live in peace and prosperity. It also called on all regional and international forces to support the unity and cohesion of Sudan. (QNA)