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Qatar Affirms that Lasting Peace Is Dependent on Preserving International Law and Recognizes Efforts to Resolve Conflict in the Occupied Territories

Doha, January 28 (QNA) -The State of Qatar welcomes all efforts aiming towards a longstanding and just peace in the occupied Palestinian territories. It also appreciates the endeavors of President Trump and the current US administration to find solutions for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, all solutions should be consistent with international law and the relevant UN resolutions.

It is essential to note that the success of any initiative to address this seven-decade conflict is dependent upon the engagement of the main parties to this conflict in serious and direct negotiations based on the principle of international legitimacy and what is consistent with it in the US various efforts and proposed plans.

All Arab states, through the Arab League, have adopted in 2002 the Arab Peace initiative, which articulated a set of principles conducive to a just peace.

The State of Qatar notes in this context that peace cannot be sustainable if Palestinians rights in their sovereign state within the 1967 borders, including East Jerusalem, and the right of return are not preserved.

The State of Qatar reaffirms its commitment for supporting the Palestinian institutions and economy, while stressing that the prosperity of the Palestinian people can only be achieved through a sustainable peace. (QNA)