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The State's Sports Day Committee Announces Requirement's for 2021 Events

Doha, January 26 (QNA) - The sports day committee announced the requirements for the activities and events of this year's Sports Day, following coordination with the Ministry of Public Health, revealing that all sporting activities and events for Sports Day will be held in the open air, and that no event will take place indoors.

The committee said in a statement released today that a RT-PCR test will be required if participants will carry out a contact sport like football, basketball, volleyball, and other similar types of sports activities. However other sports that do not involve contact like running and walking will not require a RT-PCR.

The committee highlighted the importance of adhering to the guidelines related to organizing sports day events, to ensure the goals behind organizing that day are achieved. The committee also stressed the importance of focusing on events that involve physical activity, in order to promote the importance of doing sports as a healthy daily habit.

The committee also asked all parties organizing events to choose activities that are appropriate with the age groups that are participating, in order to avoid fatigue or injuries. The committee also called on avoiding fast food meals and eating nutritious meals instead, and encouraging the participants to engage in sporting activities during the events. (QNA)