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Training Program for Security, Safety Managers for 2022 World Cup Stadiums Kicks Off

Doha, October 10 (QNA) - The first course of the training program for security and safety managers for the 2022 World Cup stadiums kicked off Sunday in Doha with the participation of 28 managers and their assistants in the Qatar World Cup stadiums, as part of Qatar's preparations to host the first World Cup in the Middle East and the Arab world.

The program organized the qualification and training unit of the Security and Safety Operations Committee for the 2022 World Cup Qatar (SSOC), in coordination with the Sports Facilities Security Department at the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC), the body responsible for delivering the infrastructure projects for hosting the Qatar World Cup.

After inaugurating the program, Abdullah Al Mohannadi, Director of the Facilities Security Department at SC said that the program is organized in cooperation and coordination with the SSOC qualification and training unit, which made outstanding efforts in studying the needs of security and safety managers in the facilities of the World Cup stadiums then designing the training curriculum for them at the required speed.

He stressed that these efforts quickly bore fruit on the ground with the opening of the first cycle of the program, which aims to raise the efficiency and skills of managers of World Cup stadiums in accordance with international requirements for security operations.

Lt. Colonel Fahd Saeed Al Subaie, head of the SSOC qualification and training unit, explained that the program is internationally accredited by FIFA and the British Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), adding that it meets the applicable leadership and security standards in the UK and European Union, based on the principles of gold, silver and bronze leadership, which is applied in major sporting events.

He pointed out that the program includes two categories, the first is a seven-week training program for all managers and their assistants, while the second is a training program for managers only and grants the international diploma in the security and safety of sports fans (level four).

He added that the first category program, for all 28 managers and their assistants, consists of two parts, explaining that the first is a two-week part, which started today and continues until Oct. 21, while the second is a five-week course and will be implemented in 2022.

Al Subaie noted that the training content in the course that was launched today focuses on the bronze and silver leadership program, which includes the following topics: security leadership, risk management, security command structures, security and safety principles, human rights, field leadership, emergency handling, alternative plans, theories and practical applications. (MORE)